Intellego Suite                          

The Intellego Suite is the next generation of Document and Reference Management solutions that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the structuring, indexing, XML or meta-data tagging and delivery of documents. The Intellego Suite provides intelligent business rules that value adds to the arbitrary 'concept' based object dissemination and automates the manual, static process of traditional workflow. Utilizing the Intellego Suite, it is now possible for organizations to have a complete automated solution that will deliver the right information to the right users or right applications regardless of the type of query parameters that are used.

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The Intellego Suite has been designed to integrate with any other system application, including, Document Management, Knowledge Management, Portal, Web Publishing, BIS, EIS, CRM, etc. and is a true Enterprise Application Integration tool. The Intellego Suite is an important component of B2B and e-business applications.

Insight has created an integrated solution that automates the creation of meta-data tags, as XML, regardless of the original source of a document. The automatically created XML meta-data can be delivered to the Intellego Reference Management System (RMS) or any other existing infrastructure that may be in place.

This new automated toolkit consists of five main components:


The Intellego Suite delivers functionality that will increase efficiency and competitive advantage for your organisation.

Single Point of Access: With Intellego, Insight will provide a system that allows the retrieval of documents from disparate information sources whether they are line of business applications, document management systems, web sites or file servers. This will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the time wasted searching for information.

Automate Manual Tasks: Intellego will automate these current manual tasks:
  • Classifying - instead of training and disciplining users to classify their documents, Insight applies intelligent business rules that are based on your company's current indexing or metadata requirements. The documents are then classified according to the business rules associated with the User's position within the organisation and/or project team. This will eliminate the need for document controllers and other personnel that are required to find and rectify the incorrectly classified documents.
  • Categorisation - automatically sort documents into pre-defined categories. This will reduce the administration costs of maintaining the inherent categories within an Intranet site.
  • Hyper-linking - creates a Universal Requestor Link (URL) to the original document. Eliminates the need for administrators to relocate the documents to a central repository.
  • Summarisation - automatically summarise all documents which eliminates the need for editorial staff to summarise electronic documents. Users can view the concept and plain text summary of a document without accessing the original providing a simple means of reviewing a document.
  • Workflow - automate standard business processes through the utilisation of intelligent business rules that apply to a document type eg leave request, capital appropriation request, Project funding, etc. In addition provide a method for users to create their own ad-hoc workflows that personalise to the user, project team or activity.

Ease of Use: Intellego provides an easy to navigate visual interface for searching. The visual interface automatically presents a unified view of disparate data sources across the entire enterprise whether it is e-mail messages, documents, spreadsheets, Notes databases, ODBC databases, news-feeds, or other line of business applications.

Intellego will deliver the following benefits:
Reduced Costs
By automating the process of categorising, tagging, hypertext linking and presenting information and knowledge.

Saves Resources
From focusing on manual maintenance tasks by automating the administration of the system and frees them up to focus on their core tasks.

Increased Productivity
By reducing the time spent by users both filling out forms and looking for information relevant to their specific jobs or for colleagues working in similar areas.

Increased Effectiveness
By delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, therefore creating a valuable resource for the organisation.

Makes Knowledge Management part of day-to-day business

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