Intellego Classifier
This advanced software tool receives documents from disparate sources, applies AI driven, pre-defined parsing and business rules, with the ability to learn, and outputs a set of meta-data as XML or in other formats for the documents. A crucial element of Intellego Classifier is the application of business rules to incoming documents.

As part of the business rules applied to each document, special Commands are output along with the metadata to instruct the Document Importer what to do with the Document.

  • Document Feeder: Monitors for new files, which are pre-parsed (content and some fields are extracted) and passed to the Dynamic Parser.
  • Dynamic Parser: The Dynamic Parser consults a database of pre-defined Parsing Rules that instruct the Parser how to retrieve fields from the supplied file. Any number of rule sets can be defined, each set intended to target files of a specific format. The Parser automatically determines which rule set is applicable (if any). Almost any type of file with even the vaguest structure can be processed in this way, using rules based on tags, delimiters, character positions, string lengths, keywords, and many others.
  • Dynamic Processing Engine: Applies pre-defined business rules to the fields extracted by the Parser. Many different calculations and logic can be applied to produce the final metadata and command fields. Documents can even be classified by conceptually matching fields against predefined concept agents.
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