Intellego Alerter
The Alerter is used to push new documents to people who have expressed an interest in documents of that type. Users express their interest by creating persistent, intelligent queries (called Agents) that actively search for document content that conceptually matches their query.

Once a new matching document is found, it can be distributed to the user via a number of means:

  • Inbox Alert: This method allows an incoming document to be placed in the user's Intellego inbox and folder system.
  • Agent Alert: This method allows the document to be placed in an alerting list under the agent that the document matched.
  • E-mail Alert: This method allows a link to the document to be sent to the user via e-mail.
  • WAPI & SMS: The Intellego Suite Alert has the ability to be developed into sending messages to digital mobile phones through the utilisation of the WAP protocol.

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