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Visual Prolog EZY GUI sample


Use GUI layouts, created by EZY Prolog, directly inside Visual Prolog applications.

Generate Visual Prolog classes and include them into Visual Prolog projects.

Download Visual Prolog sample sources, which implements:

Once installed, Visual Prolog project will have the following structure:


Sample installation procedure will create the following directory structure and place necessary *.inc, *.dom, *.pre and *.pro files.

Please note that compiled application will be placed into EZY Prolog installation directory

  • C:\Program Files\Ezy-Software\EZY_Prolog

Please change it in VDE if you have EZY Prolog installed in another directory.

Visual Prolog project has the following structure:

  • Pre-compiled EZY GUI modules

  • Visual Prolog classes (cl*) sources, generated from EZY Prolog GUI files

  • Visual Prolog libraries with UNICODE support

  • Necessary dialog and constants declarations

  • Necessary menu, icons and bitmap declarations

Please note that GUI-support modules supplied as OBJECT pre-compiled files.


To use EZY Prolog GUI  - simply create custom control with following properties:

Conditions of use:

  • custom control text should have DCL file name as title.

  • DCL file name should not have any path information and file should reside in the same place, where executable program resides.

  • To compile project - please press R button in VDE, do not use menu Rebuild All

  • You can make your changes into project files, but YOU CAN NOT MODIFY any global declarations.

  • You can change via EZY Designer any DCL file - no program recompilation required.

  • If you want to practice with your DCL files - please make your changes in DCL files used by sample project.


EZY GUI sample has been tested under the following versions of Visual Prolog

Important Note:


To understand how this sample works - please spend some time and study e_create events processing for the task window and EZY DCL DIALOG

Please study sources for Create Control dialog and especially the following event handler:


This event demonstrates dynamic creation of the GUI elements.

Please study program - this is Visual Prolog analog of Windows Explorer application, supplied with EZY Prolog. This is simple file explorer written in Visual Prolog and uses EZY GUI created by EZY Prolog.

Important notes:
, which has different domains declarations for the GUI files.
Please download and install EZY Prolog Suite before running this application.

Final application has the following Shape).



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