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EZY Prolog has support for Tab control, which allows to place various controls (and their hierarchy) to different tabs and switch between them by pressing a tab.


This GUI element provides convenient environment for complex interface design. EZY Designer can be used to define control properties, such as border, back ground and foreground color, font settings, number of tabs, control as well as define complex GUI inside each tab.


Object support predicates:

No special functional predicates

Automatic code generation:

EZY Prolog supports automatic code generation for Tab control, which includes control initialization code and event handler code template.

System generates control initialization code for all controls inside Tab control.


Control properties:

None of control properties are available at run-time

Control events:

When user selects a tab, EZY Prolog generates event and passes it to control event handler:

e_user(2222,SHEET_ID) - where SHEET_ID is number of selected sheet. Here user can place code for event processing


Sample program:

For more information - see Tab control sample program




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