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 Property List Object

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Property list object provides easy way of programming Property sheets for various objects. System supports various types of properties (strings, numbers, lists and etc) and provides easy way of programming such complex objects.

Automatic code generation:

EZY Designer provides visual tools to create Property List object with default set of properties and generates necessary code frame work, which includes GUI initialization code and necessary event handlers.

All Property List support predicates start with ezy_property and provide full functionality for initialization, reading and setting of various properties.

Click on EZY Property predicates for full list of built-in predicates.

Property list logical structure:

Property List is a list of Property Tables.

Each Property Table has it's title and list various Properties.

Each property has:

System supports the following Property Controls:

Each Property Control can have various properties (read-only, max, min, range and etc):

Supported events:

EZY Prolog programmer can define a Property List callback predicate, which will receive the events from object for processing.

This is a point where user can validate change of property values and perform necessary actions.

Property List object in EZY Designer:

EZY Designer supports various exterior properties of control (Border, Fonts, Colors). These properties are available only at design time and are stored in DCL file.

Please note that changing object properties doesn't require change of EZY Prolog program code.



See sample in EZY Prolog installation for more information

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