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Welcome to EZY Prolog - new generation of Prolog interpreters.


This software has been written completely in Visual Prolog developed by Prolog Development Center in Denmark. EZY Prolog is compatible with Visual Prolog and PDC/Turbo Prolog syntax.


It is not just an interpreter, it has a pre-compiler, which gives programmer handy tool to verify that the program he wrote is logically consistent (parameters type checking, flow pattern analysis, unassigned variable usage, intensive syntax analysis).

It is not just a Prolog, it also has a EZY Designer, which allows visually create complex GUI interfaces, save GUI definitions into Text file (XML) and load it from EZY Prolog program for display and processing.


EZY Designer provides WYSIWYG design for the graphical user interface, supports Standard Windows controls as well as Custom Controls (see EZY GUI for more information).


And what is important - there is no need to write a code for GUI created by EZY Designer - GUI initialization code can be generated automatically.


You can save a lot of time by using EZY Debugger, which allows to stop/pause/trace execution of program and inspect local variables as well as analyze quality of your algorithm via EZY Statistics.


If you are familiar with PDC/Turbo Prolog - you can find EZY Textmode gives you simple and efficient way of GUI programming.


EZY Prolog comes with various samples, which can be used for self-study.


EZY Prolog has many built-in functional components which allows to shorten development time. EZY Prolog supports programming using code templates


You can use GUI, designer by EZY Prolog, inside Visual Prolog applications. Have a look to Visual Prolog sample project, which demonstrates how to do that.


EZY Prolog supports code encapsulation by use of Prolog Virtual Machine - you can have the same clause name inside different modules without danger for the rules to be re-declared.


EZY Prolog doesn't create executable files.


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