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Predicates: global and local


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EZY Prolog supports global and local predicate declarations.

EZY Prolog uses concept of virtual machine when compiles and executes prolog rules. EZY Prolog creates virtual machine for each loaded DCL file (GUI declarations).

The concept of virtual machine has been specifically designed to support rich graphical user interface.

There is no way for rules from one virtual machine to call rules from another virtual machine unless predicate is declared as global.

Global predicates can be accessed from any created EZY Prolog Virtual Machine.


How to include global declarations into EZY Prolog program:

Use include statement to add global predicates to your program.

The include statement should be placed BEFORE predicate declarations.

Any type of file can be included - nested inclusion are supported (one file can have include statements).

EZY Prolog allows to include predicate-only declarations (file with predicates statements only - no clauses). Use this way of inclusion to avoid recompilation of the predicates, declared globally.

EZY Prolog installation installs some global predicates in Includes directory.

Place the following line to include global predicates into your file:

include "includes\\"


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