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Grid object represents tabular data and provides convenient interface for storing and displaying data from various tables.

Majority of object properties can be defined by EZY Desigher (interior, column names, menus and etc) as well as from EZY Prolog program at run-time

Automatic code generation:

EZY Prolog supports automatic code generation for Grid.

Generated code provides basic framework for GUI initialization and menu processing.

Click on GRID predicates for full list of built-in predicates.

Control properties:

Properties available for programming at design time:

Properties available for programming at run-time:

Control events:

The following events can be processed by user-defined callback:

EZY Designer generates fully functional default grid event handler, which processed the following menu events (depending on current grid marker Row/Columns/Cells ):

Grid object in EZY Designer:

The following picture displays GRID layout in EZY Designer.

Please note - grid cells can be initialized at design time - initialized cells have yellow background).

Steps to create GRID sample program:

GRID object at run-time:

Please note that system automatically provides supports for 3 different pop-up menus:

See EZY Code Generation for more information.

More information in  Grid Sample Program

Please load and run Samples\ezy_grid_dialog.ezy file from EZY Prolog Samples directory.

This sample demonstrates how to define various properties for the data in GRID columns (such as Number, Date or Choice list).


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