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EZY Prolog basics

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Graphical User Interface consists of various custom and standard controls.

Use EZY Designer to create, edit and save GUI layouts, generate EZY Prolog program or Visual Prolog classes.

Automatically generated program will have necessary code for GUI initialization as well as clauses for event handlers. Generated program is ready to run in EZY Prolog without any editing.

What you have to do is to add program functionality by editing provided event handlers.

Use EZY Prolog console to edit prolog program source.

It provides insertion of EZY Prolog language calls from typed templates as well as on-line help.

EZY Prolog program loads GUI declarations, created by EZY Designer, initializes GUI elements (initial data, event handlers) and performs actions on user reactions.

Use EZY Designer to draw GUI from predefined set of controls (custom and standard). Simply draw rectangle, select GUI element from the dialog, type it control name and job done.

To create hierarchy (or groups) of controls - use Frame or Tab controls.

Any control can be first control in the GUI, but we recommend to start GUI layout from Frame element.

Use system defaults ( ) to define default settings for GUI elements.

Each control is represented by unique identifier, which is it's window handler (the same handler as in Visual Prolog).

Window handler can be accessed from EZY Prolog program at run-time.

Beside window handler each control has unique address.  EZY Prolog uses symbolic names for controls.

Control name is a string defined by user at design time.

Control address is list of strings, which includes all parents of the control and control name. Control address sample:

EDITOR_ADDRESS = ["main","right","editor"]

EZY Prolog provides language calls to obtain WINDOW HANDLER from control Address.

Use Control Tree pop-up menu to copy control's address to the clipboard (and paste it to the EZY Prolog program source).

Each GUI element has properties, which can be edited via EZY Designer. Some properties are common, some of them are control-specific.

EZY Prolog supports Automatic Alignment of the controls.

For more information about GUI properties please refer to DCL domains declarations.

Use Control Tree pop-up menu to place control's declarations to the clipboard and paste it into Visual Prolog program source.

EZY Designer provides necessary editing of the created GUI and can edit one control at a time.

You need to select control before edit it's properties.

How to select control:

Selected control have red handlers inside it's border, which can be used for resizing.

To move selected control:

You can hide/show GUI elements by simply Opening/Collapsing Control tree.

Selected control can be deleted, copied to the clipboard and pasted from clipboard.

Generate EZY Prolog program from create GUI by pressing button in EZY Designer.

Working EZY Prolog program will be created with code for:

You can run generated program immediately to test GUI functionality and default event handlers.

Programmer need just to add functionality into event handlers.

Use Code Insertion by Template ( )to insert EZY Prolog predicates into program.

Use on-line help ( ) to get description of EZY Prolog predicates.


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