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EZY Prolog is ideal tool for students to get familiar with Prolog language:

EZY Prolog doesn't require heavy installation - simply unzip files into directory and run EZY Prolog. Run-time modules (executable and DLLs) can be placed on floppy and you can install it on home PC.


This page has necessary basics you can find useful for how to use EZY Prolog for education purposes.

Hello, World

Can't imagine programming language without that.

Simply start EZY Prolog and:

  • press on a toolbar (this will open Prolog console),

  • press to generate template program

  • press to compile your sample

  • press to Run program.

You will see Welcome to EZY Prolog message in the result window.

There are various samples included into installation.

Click here for more information about sample files.

Format source to HTML

Use EZY Prolog to format your Prolog source into HTML.

  • press to compile program using PDC Prolog compiler

  • press to compile program into memory

  • press - you will see your program inside WEB browser

This could be very useful feature for publishing your programming results.

Note: only successfully compiled program can be displayed as HTML.

Click here to see sample of the HTML source formatting.

Prolog compiler

Yes, EZY Prolog has compiler, but it doesn't produce a code. We use prolog compiler for program verification:

  • syntax

  • semantics

  • flow patterns

  • type of predicates

EZY Prolog code has full compatibility with Visual Prolog and program sources can be used directly in compiled environment.

EZY Prolog pre-compiler reduces learning cycle and provides comprehensive error handling feature for programmers.

Prolog console

EZY Prolog has powerful editor for coding prolog programs.

Prolog console has window for source editing as well as service windows for messages, trace, local variables and calling stack:

  • Errors in program (whatever compiler consider as an error)

  • Output result of the write statements

  • EZY Debugger - Pause/Stop/Trace program execution


Predicate templates

Prolog console supports entering of the predicates via templates .

For example, if you want to place a call to the dialog function, do the following:

File System

Full set of functional calls to work with files and file system elements.

String operations

Full set of functional calls to work with strings and string lists

EZY Lists

Set of functional calls for working with lists

Primitive dialogs

Handy dialogs for selecting file, entering strings and etc

Regular expressions

Use pattern matching technology inside Prolog programs


Set of functional calls for working with dates


Write Client-Server messaging application in 5 mins


Reading and writing functional calls

GUI designer

Design Graphical User Interfaces, save GUI declarations into text file and load them within EZY Prolog program.


Click here for list of new features






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