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This is a main tool for EZY Prolog program development:

  • preview EZY Prolog forms (*.ezy) and programs (*.pro)

  • load and execute EZY Prolog programs (*.pro) and forms (*.ezy)

  • create new Prolog programs (text mode or GUI)

  • check program syntax and logical errors

  • run program (including GUI)

  • Design GUI layout and generate Prolog program for the GUI

EZY Prolog creates Virtual Machine for each instance of the Prolog Console.

EZY Prolog VDE toolbar:


Compile program using Visual Prolog compiler and consult to memory if successful.

Check types, flow patterns and syntax in accordance with PDC Prolog syntax.

Consult program to memory.

No type checking, no flow patterns checking.

See EZY Lists for more information.

Remove all clauses from memory

Run consulted program to memory

Pause program execution. Can be released

Trace (on/off) program execution

Stop program execution (Can't be continued)

Switch debug mode On/Off

Clear messages window

List all consulted clauses for current Virtual Machine.

Generate HTML file from the consulted prolog program


Inset EZY Prolog code by typed template


On-line help on selected EZY Prolog predicate







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