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The idea behind EZY Prolog is to simplify GUI programming to the level, when it doesn't require any code from programmer.


Complex GUI is not easy to program and especially for logical programmers. Experienced prolog programmers do it easily, but anyone who is new have to study a lot from how to program in language and up to low level windows related issues.


EZY Prolog works with DCL - Dialog Control Language, which is set of prolog declarations for the GUI interface. Programer uses EZY Designer to design interfaces visually with active properties, such as auto alignment, split bars, properties for colors and etc.


Controls could be grouped into hierarchy of elements with symbolic access to GUI elements. As a result, programmer just places call to load GUI from DCL file and uses symbolic address to assign control properties (such as callbacks, event handlers).


Please see sample of EZY Prolog program - EZY SQL Explorer.






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November 14, 2008