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There is an opinion, that programming in Prolog is not easy and I disagree with that. There are many reasons for me to think so, especially after more than 10 years of programming. But if you do not have prolog programming experience behind you, just coming to this word - many things do not look easy.


The goal of EZY Prolog is to make graphical user interface (GUI) programming easy and nearly primitive. You do not need to be expert in how Windows works and how various GUI component should be programmed. You simply Draw your interface and EZY Prolog will generate WORKING Prolog program for you.


Please note - you do need to write code - program source will be generated for you.

After that you simply need to add your code to event handlers (such as Buttons, Lists, Grids) and/or to GUI initialization code.


EZY Prolog is written using Visual Prolog and it is Interpreter. What differs EZY Prolog from other interpreters?

EZY Prolog has many built-in components (GUI, regular expressions, access to databases, data conversion) available for programmers in easy to use way. Many things are very easy in EZY Prolog.




I= I + 1 programmer

I am busy, do not have time, I am familiar with Prolog Interpreters and Visual Prolog compiler..

Just show me

EZY Prolog for Students

I am student, have some time. Just started learning prolog, need to do some computer lab exams. Show me how I can use EZY Prolog for my UNI study:

I am experienced programmer, like If.. then Else style of programming and do not worry much about prolog. Do not have much time.

Show me something different.

Sorry. Not ready yet.

Come back later.


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