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 EZY Graphical User Interface (EZY GUI)

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EZY Prolog provides convenient functionality for working with rich GUI. The simplicity of EZY GUI based upon the following assumptions:

  • Static and Dynamic elements of the GUI
    Any GUI has 2 major parts. One part describes Interface properties (type of the element, exterior, functional properties), another part describes Interface reactors.
    EZY Designer provides programmer with tools to define Interface properties on design stage (font and color settings, functional properties of GUI element) and save these definitions into EZY Form (Dialog Control Language) file.
    Once Interface properties are designed, EZY Designer generates EZY Prolog program with necessary code frame to support

EZY Designer allows creation of the following GUI elements:

All GUI elements have set of common properties and control-specific properties, which can be defined by EZY Designer.


Once GUI layout is created - it can be saved into the text file as a set of Dialog Control Language (EZY Form) declarations. EZY Prolog provides allows change GUI of program without rewriting of the code by editing EZY Form file in EZY Designer.


Click here for more information about EZY Form domains declarations.


You can use GUI, designer by EZY Prolog, inside Visual Prolog applications. Please visit Visual Prolog sample project for more information.


EZY Prolog program loads EZY Form file and accesses GUI elements via built-in set of predicates. This set of functional calls allows:

  • Get/Set GUI elements properties (such as text, status of check box and many others)

  • Modify complex objects, such as tables, trees, lists and text for editing

  • Navigate on a complex control structure to locate objects for control

  • many other features

The following code demonstrates creation of GUI elements from EZY Form file:

syspath ( PATH , _ ),

format ( EZY Form_FILE , "%Ezy_explorer.ezy" , PATH ),

ezy_form_open ( EZY Form_FILE , WINDOW ),

TREEVIEW_ADDR =[ "ezy_explorer" , "treeview" ],


% setup object callback predicate

ezy_treeview_callback ( TREEVIEW_OBJ , treeview_callback ),


Click here for more information about GUI function calls.




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