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EZY Prolog allows to load and pass control into external Dynamic Linked Library (DLL) and receive results from it.

EZY Prolog provides deterministic and non-deterministic calls to the DLL's deterministic functions. System uses strings to pass parameters between EZY Prolog and DLL functions.

Programmers can use powerful term_str function to convert facts to strings and back inside EZY Prolog and Visual Prolog code.

EZY DLL subsystem allows to define event handler for the Frame inside user dll. See Frame test for more information

EZY DLL subsystem allows to implement custom controls via Visual Prolog DLL.


Conditions of use:

  • DLL is loaded dynamically. Full qualified path should be specified

  • DLL functional calls should be exported (see Visual Prolog 5.2 sample DLL )

  • It is not allowed to fail inside DLL - it should always return values (please consult Visual Prolog 5.2 documentation regarding DLL use)

  • DLL functional call has 3 parameters:
    with flow patterns:

  • DLL should return result of execution inside INTEGER parameter.
    If RESULT = 1 - EZY Prolog will continue execution of program.
    If RESULT = 0 - EZY Prolog rule fails (note: DLL CAN'T FAIL)

Click here to view EZY DLL functional calls


Click here to view EZY Prolog sample with external DLL call, which simulates calls, such as:

  • assert

  • retract

  • findall

inside Visual Prolog DLL


Click here to view EZY Prolog sample with external DLL call, which processes EVENTs inside Visual Prolog  DLL.


Click here to download Visual Prolog 5.2 sample DLL project (12 kb ZIP file)





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