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EZY XML is the world's most advanced XML conversion tool, offers the best price and is the only XML utility to feature a user-definable Presentation Engine. Additionally, EZY XML provides a powerful XML Editor, helping developers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies, such as XSL, XPATH and XQL. EZY XML dramatically reduces development time by simplifying XML development processes and the conversion of multiple data sources into XML.

EZY XML enables quick and trouble free conversion of existing data sources into XML, allowing organizations and individuals to become immediately XML enabled, smoothing the path to true e-business readiness. What more could you ask for?
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The Complete Development Environment:

EZY XML takes a holistic view to XML development. EZY XML is an XML utility providing comprehensive editing, conversion, and validation functionality for XML documents, DTD's and XSL. EZY XML also incorporates XML schema and XPATH functionality.

Superior Presentation Engine:

EZY XML provides the option of user-definable rules for the presentation of various XML data structures. EZY XML also provides the functionality to present and edit data sources such as tables, lists, choice lists, dates (with various formats), currency and file references.

Superior technical support:

Any technical problems? Our leading XML industry experts, combining their extensive experience with the aid of EZY XML, will solve your troubles both accurately and promptly, eliminating your worst development nightmares.

Hassle Free Installation:

Unlike other XML tools, EZY XML installation does not change system registry or any system folder/file, nor does it bring DLL's into the system area. It will also integrate perfectly with Window's applications.

Advanced Schema Editor:

The graphical schema editor provides an efficient way to present complex information structures, coded using XML Schema Language. XML developers can easily visualize the content model of any schema, edit schema element in a natural way and perform in-place editing for all major aspects of the schema, eliminating the need for irritating text editing.


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Expert's Comments




What's the installation like?
"EZY XML is like an ideal houseguest. It doesn't demand much, and it exerts little impact on the environment."

"EZY XML doesn't load up your system with DLLs or add items to the Windows registry. It's well suited to techies, in particular."

So, is it easy to use?

"Its tree- view document display feels more like filling in color-coded database fields than editing a structured word processing document, but that's not a bad thing. EZY XML works just fine, and it's easy to grasp."

"While you don't have to know XML basics to use EZY XML, it might be just a teeny bit intimidating to your secretary."

- Esther Schindler, Sm@rt Partner

"As an overall I really like your product, best of the editors I have seen so far!"

"I have used your product to quickly see the structure of XML, and to implement XSL for these structures. I like that EZY XML shows the results very quick. I also like the very intuitive GUI and how quick it is to see what is actually happening when you change something".

- Petter Egesund:
Founder of HelpInHand, a leading Web based technology company focused on the fast growing global wireless Internet market.





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