XML Presentation Engine

User-definable XML Presentation Engine, providing a natural display and editing capabilities for XML data structures such as tables, choice lists, dates currency and file references.

XML Converter

Automates the conversion of all major document and data types such as RTF, HTML and SQL queries via ODBC into XML.

GSE Tree View

Graphical Schema Editor that visualizes information structures coded using XML Schema Language. Edits schema element 'in-place' and in a 'natural' way.

XSL Editor

eXtensible Stylesheet Language format editor simplifies the navigation, creation or modification of XSL style sheets.


Document Type Definition editor simplifies the navigation, creation and modification of DTD.

CPE Display

Configurable Presentation Engine that displays XML constructs, such as tables, dates, or file references in the Document Editor.

XML Preview

Visual pane (based on MS I.E. version 5.0) that previews XML documents with attached XSL files and creates new XML documents from user-definable schema templates.

Document Creator

XML creation from pre-defined XML, DTD or schema templates

Well-Formedness Check

Check that your XML documents are well-formed, errors can be viewed and corrected inside built-in Text Editor.

DTD-controllable Editing

The DTD Editor simplifies the creation of document type definitions (internal and external) by allowing DTD files to be attached without reloading XML documents.

Tree View of XML elements

View any well-formed XML document in an expandable element tree.

Text Editing User Interface

View any well-formed XML document in an expandable element tree.

Known File Types Configuration

Enables an association between file type and known document type to be created.

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