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EZY XML provides for the control of date and time formats on data entry. Once an element has been configured to contain dates/times in a particular format, EZY XML will generate an error message when a user enters data in any other format. The default format (eg; 2000-09-13 15.01) is shown in the following picture.

Once you have created an element which will contain date/time values, configure it for validation according to your desired format.

To specify a date/time format for an element:

  1. Right click on the element in the Document Tree.

  2. Select Display as Date/Time.

  3. If you wish to specify a format other than the default, open the Presentation Engine Format dialog via the Options menu.

  4. Select the element in the Elements list and click the Date/Time radio button.

  5. Click on the Configure button. The Date Presentation Format dialog (see above picture) is displayed.

  6. Specify your desired date/time format.

Note: use the Test facility in the Date Presentation Format dialog to discover the meaning of the various formatting codes.

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