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A list is a two element construct; for example <My_List> containing one or more <li> items. Once a list has been defined as a Choice List, its values will be presented as a drop down list in the Editor panel.

Software allows two ways of implementation of the choice lists:

a). Via DTD: XML element should have enumerated attributes and EZY XML will present list of choices from DTD.

<!ELEMENT dtd_choice_list (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST dtd_choice_list values (value1|value2|value3) "value2"

b). Via Presentation Engine definitions: software will use child elements as a elements of choice list.

<my_choice_list> item2

For example:

Once you have created a list construct, configure it for display as a Choice List either:

  • using the right click menu in the Document Tree, or

  • directly in the Presentation Engine dialog.

To define a Choice List in the Document Tree:

  1. Right click on the list element

  2. Select Display as Choice List

  3. Select the child element which will contain the list values.

To define a Choice List in the Presentation Engine dialog:

  1. Select or Add the list element in the XML Element Names list.

  2. Click on the Choice List radio button.

  3. Type the name of the list items element in the Data From field.

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