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Use EZY XML to convert SQL query into XML document. System supports ODBC access to SQL databases. Resulting data set will be presented as a editable table.

  • User can edit individual elements

  • Add new rows

  • Sort rows by any column

To convert an SQL query:

  1. Start EZY XML

  2. Press on 'SQL' button, select ODBC source

  3. Select table and select fields for extraction

  4. Type in criteria (or leave it blank)

  5. Press Create XML Object

  6. Click on rows element - access data as table.

  7. Save results and press 'View' for resulting document.

  8. System will use associated Styles for rendering SQL results.

  9. Close and open saved file to have XSL loaded.

Note: user can insert SQL results into XML document by using popup menu inside XML tree.

  1. Open any XML document.

  2. Select XML node and press Right mouse button.

  3. Select menu: Insert Object…/XML From…/ODBC Source.

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