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EZY XML provides additional parsing options for conversion from MS Word, RTF and HTML. For those file types you should first set those options, then convert. For other filetypes you may convert directly. This section explains how to set parsing options and the general procedure for file conversion. Aspects of conversion from particular formats are dealt with under the following individual topics.

To set parsing options

Open the Document Parsing Options dialog, via the File, Options menu.

The options you specify will be applied to any MS Word, RTF or HTML file which you convert.

To convert from another format to XML:
  1. From the File menu, select Open.
  2. From the secondary menu now displayed, select the type of file you wish to convert.
  3. Navigate to the source file via the Windows Open dialog and click on Open.
  4. A new XML file based on the source file is displayed.
  5. You must save the new file before working on it in EZY XML.
Note: EZY XML automatically converts special characters, such as <,>,",?,!,' into valid XML symbols.

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