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ePC Model Explorer

EPC diagram was designed to lay out process work flows.


There are many tools for creating EPC diagrams. This application has been designed to provide diagram analysis and consistency check for jPASS! - Subject-Oriented Modelling tool developed by jCOM1 ( as well as ePC diagrams created in ARIS Toolset/Business Architect.


EPC diagrams use symbols of several kinds to show the control flow structure (sequence of decisions, functions, events, and other elements) of a business process. The complexity of business area could lead to various errors in the business process model, which makes model inconsistent from logical point of view.


The alteration of consistent business process model could lead to the logical inconsistency of corrected model. Therefore the step to detect and eliminate model inconsistency is very important from the model execution point of view.


ePC Model analyzer is a set of tools based upon technology which allows analyze process models and provides information necessary to restore models consistency.

These tools allow to reduce time you need to find out models errors and make models consistent and ready for execution.

ePC Model analyzer is a set of Windows applications with the following architecture:

Model development takes time and for many reasons, before completion, model consists of many errors. It could be also a case, when consistent model requires alteration and this alteration brings to the model errors and logical inconsistency.


ePC Model analyzer applies various graph analysis algorithms to detect and report information about model errors and model inconsistency, such as:

  1. States without transaction

  2. Subjects without End state

  3. Missing RECEIVE

  4. Missing SEND

  5. Invalid start state

  6. Incompatible message parameters

  7. Message to Unknown subject

  8. Unused messages

  9. Usage of non-existing messages

  10. Identical state names

  11. Suspicious state naming conventions:
    (more than one transaction with same name and different destination state)

  12. Subject without role

  13. Incompatible message parameters
    (Subject and message parameters incompatibility)

For more about modelling errors click here...

ePC Model analysis also include (ePC Model Explorer):

  1. Model path analysis
    (number of paths model can be executed by and each path length)

  2. Model loops analysis
    (number of loops in the model and each loop length)

  3. Model Execution tree

  4. Model Subjects analysis
    (includes Subject execution tree)

  5. HTML reports for process model

Future plans for development.

We plan to incorporate specialized report engine to generate out of the model the following reports:

  1. Model execution instructions;

  2. Subject Functional specification;

  3. Parameters flow diagram;

  4. Quick automated model validation;

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