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DocCenter is family of document management products, which covers different client needs and technical environments. DocCenter family is out of the box document management solution for individual, group and corporate environments:

DC products have flexible licensing policy
All members of DocCenter family of products have a unique feature, you probably will not find in other software - it is absolutely save to install and run, because it fully "Green-peace software", which means:

  • No DLL's in a Windows system area.
  • No changes in INI files in Windows system area.
  • No software-specific configuration files in Windows system area.
  • No changes in the system registry.
  • No use of special third-party libraries and controls (such as MFC and etc.). Software can run on any Windows platform - Win95/98/NT/2000 without special Windows configuration and installation of third-party modules.

Any ODBC-compliant database can be used to store document profile. End users can use sample database as a template or use existing document register.

This document contains short description of the following members of the DocCenter Family of products:

Different modules fill different document management and technical requirements. There is a fine integration between all modules:

  • DC Work XML Edition can import data which will be used by DC Explorer/WorkFlow
  • DC XML Edition can export data to the CD-based container,
    which can be easily managed by DC Index.
  • DC XML Edition can manage document revisions which can be accessed via DC Web Agent
    via the Internet.

All members of the DC Family of products can use any third-pary viewer to view documents. The WorkFlow-enabled modules (DC WorkGroup Edition or WorkFlow) can be linked to any editing application.

Standard installation comes with sample database, sample documents and configured sample associations between documents and applications. The setup procedure is a key-board free and doesn't require user intervention.

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  • DC Server (Includes: 1 DC Work Group for data import and file management and 5 licenses of DC Web Agent) - 1,690 USD
  • DC WEB Agent -159 USD (additional license)

This is a special set of products to access documents via Internet Browser. DC Web agent runs under Microsoft Internet Information Server (version 3 and later) or Microsoft Personal Web server (Version 4). DC Web receives requests, reads document profile data from any ODBC-compliant database and sends them back as HTML file. Click here to test DC Web Agent

Application area:

DC 2000 WEB Agent is an ideal solution when read-only access to documents is required without any requirement for the document workflow. This is also solution for large number of users (>50) which need simply search for documents using explorer-style interface combined with text search by key words.

General Features:

  • Runs as Microsoft Internet Information Server Extension (one point to install). Supports Win95/98 or NT as a server.
  • Collects data requests from clients and replies in a form of intelligent HTML pages.
  • DC Server controls user profiles (rights, passwords, group and individual data filters).
  • Client use standard Internet Browser to communicate with DC WEB Agent.
  • Any ActiveX-enabled viewer can be used as a built-in viewer (Autodesk DWGX, VoloView, Rasterex viewers and others).
  • Standard HTML Editor can be used to design interface layout.

Technical requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (Version 3 and later)/Personal Web server (version 4).
  • Win95/98, NT 4.0.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.02 or later.
  • Server configuration - ODBC driver to access database.

DC XML Edition - Standalone and LAN/WAN Back to Top



  • Single user - 99 USD (runs only from "C" drive).
  • Network multiuser version - 245 USD.

Application area

  • This is ideal solution for individual and medium group of users (<25-40) and medium amount of documents (<55,000-100,000). Any ODBC-compliant database can be used to store document profile data.
  • Document files are stored in their original places with associated document profile data stored in the database. Long file names and UNC (<Computer>\\Drive\Dir\Filename) file names are supported.
  • Requires that each user should have license for the database access and each user should be granted rights for database resources access as well.

General features

  • Visual access to data via Explorer-style interface.
  • Controlled access to documents via user name and password (can use Windows login name for automatic registration).
  • Built-in customizable check-in/checkout procedures.
  • Built-in customizable Revision control procedures.
  • Built-in transmittal forms for document import and export registration.
  • Document Import and Export. Direct publishing tools to store online documents to the CD archives.
  • Direct tools to publish documents for the Internet Access.
  • Customisable workflow via programmable event handlers.
  • Drive substitution table for LAN/WAN installation.
  • Programmable Workflow via DocuLogic built-in interpreter.
  • Automatic configuration during setup.
  • Saves various control data into XML file format.

Technical requirements

  • Win 95/98/2000, NT 3.51/4.0
  • Each PC should have ODBC driver installed and configured.
  • Each PC should have read-write access to the DC setup directory on the network.
  • Each PC should have access to the drives with documents (mapped drive or UNC).
  • Each user should have configured account in the document management database.

Data Storage

  • Normal File system.
  • Mapped drives or UNC access to files.
  • Long file name support.

Database for document profiles

  • Any ODBC-compliant database can be used to store document profile. End users can use sample database as a template or use existing document register.

DC Index - CD-Based self running archives Back to Top



  • DC 2000 Index one year license to create unlimited number of CD's -995 USD.
  • Renewal price - 599 USD each year.

This is CD-based version of the Document Companion, which includes database run-time engine and doesn't require any installation on the client PC. DC 2000 WorkFlow or Work group edition modules have facility to export data from the online systems into CD-based archives, which DC Index can run.

Application area

  • Self-running CD containers which includes document files, their descriptors and indexing software.
  • Must to have solution for tender applications and data distribution on CD.
  • Multi-volume CD archives with number of documents <30,000
  • Read-only online indexing solution with unlimited number of users to access data.

General Features:

  • "Green-peace software" - runs from CD without installation.
  • Built-in database engine.
  • Export document profile data into ASCII file.
  • Stores documents as an original files in file folders on a CD.
  • Imports document descriptors from ASCII, DBASE III file.
  • One button click to export documents from DC WorkFlow to DC Index - exports document files and their descriptors.
  • Import GUI layout from external file, from DBASE III file or from Document Companion.
  • Built-in screen designer for GUI interface.
  • Ability to use any third-party vieweing application to view documents.

Technical Requirements:

  • Win 3.1x, 95/98/2000, NT 4.0

DC Server, DC Explorer - Client-Server Back to Top



  • DC Explorer - 145 USD.
  • DC Server (includes 1 DC XML Edition and 5 DC Explorer) - 1,690 USD.

Application area

It is an ideal solution for the medium size of the document management task with number of users < 40-100 and number of documents < 150,000. This is true client-server solution which combines security for accessing document profiles with simplicity of storing documents on a file system.

DC Explorer and DC Workflow don't require any configuration on the client PC. It uses TCP/IP protocol to communicate with DC Server to obtain information about documents. This makes DC client-server solution very easy to deploy - software can be installed locally or on the network with absolutely no configuration of the client computer.

Documents profile data can be stored in any ODBC compliant database, document files can be stored anywhere on the network. DC Server performs all database queries and sends to clients only required portion of information. This reduces network traffic in case of large document amounts. Only one component requires access to the Database - DC Server and this dramatically reduces database management and administration.

General features:

DC Explorer

  • Controlled access via user registration with password.
  • Explorer-style interface to locate documents.
  • View-only access to documents and profile data.
  • No workflow facility.
  • No facility for check-in/out.
  • No facility for revision creation.
  • No facility to import data.

DC Server

  • Controls access to database.
  • Collects data queries from clients (Dc Explorer/WorkFlow).
  • DC Server controls user profiles (rights, passwords, group and individual data filters).
  • Provides centralized user and database management.

Technical requirements

  • TCP/IP protocol with Windows sockets should be installed.
  • Mapped drives with documents (UNC access supported as well).

DocCenter products Licensing Back to Top


DC XML Edition

  • Single user or network license based upon software lock protection.
  • Free DC Server module is used to control users and upgrade number of licenses.

DC Client-server

  • Software lock license control based upon DC Server module.

DC Web Agent

  • Software lock license control based upon DC Server module.

DC Index

  • Unprotected DC Index software to access DC Databases.
  • Hardware lock protected module to change compiled DC Index database status from demo to commercial (database authorization).

DC Index displays Warning 'Non-Commercial/Non-Authorized version' logo on unauthorized database files. This allows fully test DC Index functionality before authorizing database file.

Upgrade procedures

DC Server module creates upgrade order file, which needs to be e-mailed to EDM Group International. The upgrade file, received by Internet will be used by DC Server to change number of licenses.

Mixture licenses

It is possible to have a combination of DC Work group edition, WorkFlow, Explorer, Web Agent controlled by one DC Server.

Demo licenses

All DocCenter products (except DC Index) can be authorized to run for an agreed period of time. Simply summit your request with DC upgrade file to obtain trial licenses. There is no requirements to reinstall trial version of the software to install commercial software - simply apply new upgrade file.

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