DocCenter Products Info and Downloads

New generation of Document Management software for different industry areas. Standalone, Client-Server, CD-based and WEB-based document management solution. Flexible to customize and integrate into existing application environment.
DocCenter is family of document management products, which covers different client needs and technical environments. DocCenter family is out of the box document management solution for individual, group and corporate environments. 

Important: Please read the installation notes!
DC Admin
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  • DocCenter administration utility.
  • Provides interface for managing DocCenter users and user groups.
DC CD Index
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  • Standalone version of Document Companion for CD Archives distribution.
  • Runs from CD on any Windows PC without any installation.
  • Converts Dbase/ASCII/RxIndex data sources into DCIndex Archive which can be placed to the CD and accessed by DCIndex
  • Instant Access to archive database files created by DC WorkFlow or DC Work Group Edition.
DC Desktop
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  • Desktop version of the DocCenter.
  • Provides basic document management operations in multi-user environment.
  • CheckIn/Out in mult-iuser environment.
  • Document Revisions management.
  • Document Relations management.
  • And many more...
DC Forms
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  • Standalone software component for editing document profile forms.
  • Provides visual interface (MS Access-style) for editing document profiles.
DC Imaging
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DC Import Manager
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  • Scan DWG file to retrieve attributes information.
  • Scans DWG files for Xref drawings and attached Raster images.
    Stores relationship model of assembly drawing.
  • Automatic registration of documents in DocCenter.
  • Smart Attribute management (defines what to store what to ignore).
  • Saves import results into XML document for registration/exchange with other systems.
DC Relations Viewer
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  • View, Edit related documents individually or as a group.
  • Access related document revisions.
  • Integrated with DC WorkGroup.
  • Saves relationship information into XML document.
DC Smart FTP
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  • Synchronize locally stored documents with documents stored on FTP sites.
  • Integrated with DocCenter Desktop.
DC Transmittal Viewer
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  • View DC transmittal form files.
  • View document profile data.
  • Render Transmittal forms into XML.
  • Print all/selected documents with controlled number of copies.
  • Click here to preview transmittal form created by DocCenter XML.
DC Web Agent
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  • Allows access to DC Database from the Internet Browsers (MS I.E., Netscape).
  • Runs on Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Integrated with DC WorkGroup Edition - instant access to Database and Catalog trees created in DocCenter XML Edition.


DocCenter products have flexible licensing policy.
All members of DocCenter family of products have a unique feature, you probably will not find in other software - it is absolutely save to install and run, because it fully "Green-peace software", which means:

  • No DLL's in a Windows system area
  • No changes in INI files in Windows system area
  • No software-specific configuration files in Windows system area
  • No changes in the system registry
  • No use of special third-party libraries and controls (such as MFC and etc.). Software can run on any Windows platform - Win95/98/NT/2000 without special Windows configuration and installation of third-party modules.

Any ODBC-compliant database can be used to store document profile. End users can use sample database as a template or use existing document register.