DocCenter Licensing

DC Work group edition
  • Single user or network license based upon software lock protection.
  • Free DC Server module is used to control users and upgrade number of licenses.
DC Client-server
  • Software lock license control based upon DC 2000 Server module.
DC Web Agent
  • Software lock license control based upon DC 2000 Server module.
DC CD Index
  • Unprotected DC Index software to access DC 2000 Databases.
  • Hardware lock protected module to change compiled DC Index database status from demo to commercial (database authorization).

DC CD Index displays Warning 'Non-Commercial/Non-Authorized version' logo on unauthorized database files. This allows fully test DC Index functionality before authorizing database file.

Upgrade procedures

DC Server module creates upgrade order file, which needs to be e-mailed to EDM Group International. The upgrade file, received by Internet will be used by DC 2000 Server to change number of licenses.

Mixture licenses

It is possible to have a combination of DC Work group edition, WorkFlow, Explorer, Web Agent controlled by one DC 2000 Server.

Demo licenses

All DC 2000 products (except DC 2000 Index) can be authorized to run for an agreed period of time. Simply summit your request with DC upgrade file to obtain trial licenses. There is no requirements to reinstall trial version of the software to install commercial software - simply apply new upgrade file.