DocCenter Installation notes


To run DC2000 suite of products - download the following files :, and ( go to "upgrades" page )
Then run dc2000wg.exe and dcsetup.exe .
After the installation has been completed run dcwg_last.exe (the file has only latest executable for dc2000wg). It will update the dc2000wg.exe file.

  • Install DC 2000 Server server. It is recommended to install it in C:\DC2000WG. There is no restrictions to install it on any directory on a network. This will install a sample Microsoft Access database as well. Setup will start DC 2000 server and/or Explorer/WorkFlow
  • Please do first installation for Explorer and Server from one PC. This will automatically detect the name of the Server where DC 2000 products will be launched.
  • Connect with any user name - system will create user account automatically. Password for automatic accounts - viewer.
  • DC 2000 server has facility automatically restore connections with all running DC 2000 Explorer or WorkFlow clients on the network.
  • DC 2000 Server uses Windows sockets to communicate with clients. As default it is configured to port number 8006. If this port allocated to another program on the computer - you can change it in DC Server.
  • We discovered that if DC 2000 products require more than 1 min to establish connection it could be because of TCP/IP settings on a computer (DNS/LMHOST Lookup/Gateway IP addresses).
  • DC 2000 (clients and server) can run on Win 3.1x with Win 32 installed. This is not tested yet.

Note about the license for DC2000 Server: if you got the message that DC license expired then do the following:

Use DCSERVER/Administration/License manager and create upgrade file, save it and send it to edmsales.
We will generate a license file with keys and will send you that file back.
To upgrade the system to a new license - open License file
in DCSERVER/Administration/License manager and upgrade it. 

Note: DC Server license is linked to PC TCP/IP address. 
Please make sure that you will supply right TCP/IP.