DC Import Manager


DC Import Manager is a standalone application, which uses DocCenter desktop to:

  • Import documents and structure of document folders.

  • Import document attributes and related documents.




Application area

  • Intelligent agent to import various documents from directory structure. Software can import document profile data (such as AutoCAD title block attributes) and can store folder names inside various database fields.

  • Software is fully integrated with DocCenter and can import information about related drawings (XRefs). Relationship information can be managed and viewed inside DC Relations Manager.

  • Import results can be exported into XML file and used in other XML aware applications.

General Features

  • Supports drag and drop of files or directories.

  • Indexes documents of specified file extension.

  • Indexes documents from directory structure.

  • Imports AutoCAD attributes. Has a facility to select and tune attribute map.

  • Imports related documents and information about relations.

  • Creates document preview (JPEG with controllable size).

  • Can change DocCenter database structure in accordance with document attribute table.

Technical Requirements

  • See DocCenter technical requirement.

  • DocCenter Desktop for document registration.