Green Peace Software Development

We call our software - a "Green Peace software" because the installation of our programs doesn't "pollute" your system.

We do not:

  • BRING ANY DLL to the system area
  • Create or modify any INI file form the system area
  • Do not change system Registry.

We all remember the golden age of Ms DOS, when the only thing you require was an executable to run. File sizes were small, everything worked fast on low performance PC. Even compilers were so small that can fit to one (can't imagine now) 360KB floppy disk.

And now. The golden age of Ms Windows (in different variations). You will think twice about installation of the software on your PC. It is better to have a spare system for an evaluation because who knows what may happen with your environment.

You shouldn't worry to install our software. It is the same as 10 years ago under DOS - you even do not need to install it at all. Just copy to your hard drive and run. DC (thanks to the Visual Prolog database engine) drives without any co-operation with 3rd party drivers and other support DLL's.

DocCenter is a good example how to supply a Green-Peace solution using Visual Prolog. It uses ODBC drivers, but there is not installation as well. If you have ODBC and database drivers already installed - it will configure them automatically (by creating it's own ODBC sources) during the first run.

Once you had finished evaluation of our software and you do not need it - simply delete directories from your hard drive. No uninstall procedures are required to clean your system.

And finally - our programs are small  in size and consist only from one executable. Read it - no VBRUN's, MFCxx and other support libraries are required and you can find only one executable: Win95 style interface , Form Designer (Like in VB/Ms Access) and Programming Language Interpreter. And all in one 2.5MB executable. And this is for 150.000 lines of code project.

For more details about DC Advanced Technical Features - click here!