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Important: Please read the installation notes 

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DC WorkGroup

DC 2000 XML Edition:

  • Saves control data (reports, document profile, category trees, transmittal forms) into XML document for exchange with other systems.
  • Standalone, single or network version of DC 2000.

DC Explorer

DC 2000 Explorer:

  • One-executable client module to access data on DC 2000 server. Windows explorer-style search in the database.
  • Search/View/Print documents

DC Server

DC 2000 Server:

  • Uses windows sockets to exchange data between server and client.

DC Import

DC 2000 Import Manager:

  • Automatic registration of documents in DC 2000
  • Smart Attribute management (defines what to store what to ignore)

DC Web Agent

DC 2000 Web Agent:

  • Allows access to DC 2000 Database from the Internet Browsers (MS I.E., Netscape).
  • Runs on Microsoft Internet Information Server

DC Index

DC 2000 Index:

  • Standalone version of Document Companion for CD Archives distribution.
  • Runs from CD on any Windows PC without any installation.

DC Imaging

DC 2000 QuickView:

  • Converts Rasterex bitmap quickviews into JPEG WEB-ready previews.
  • Uses DC Raster to create quickview from the selected portion of the TIFF file

DC 2000 Raster:

  • Uses standard Wang Imaging control to view/print raster TIFF files.
  • Simple to use - no menus, 4 buttons to drive, ideal for view only solutions.

DC Relationship Viewer

DC 2000 Relations Viewer:

  • View, Edit related documents individually or as a group
  • Access related document revisions
  • Integrated with DC 2000 WorkGroup
  • Saves relationship information into XML document

Sample Files  

Sample database and document files for the DC 2000 installation.


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Last modified: June 14, 2000