April 2000,

Press release

This is an enhanced version of existing document management package which can export and import documents in XML format. All reports and major control documents (such as document profile, transmittal forms, briefcase, reports and document relationship information) now can be exported into XML format.

This version includes DC 2000 XML Editor, first XML editor for editing the XML documents and their style sheets in one integrated environment. This is the first XML editor with built-in support for generation, navigation and editing of the XSL - style sheets.

The implementation of the XML format support creates new opportunity for integration of the Document Companion with other corporate systems. Now it is possible to exchange documents from DC 2000 XML Edition with other XML-aware packages via XML transport tools, such as BizTalk (by Microsoft) or XML Connect (by onDispay).

New products: DC 2000 XML Editor and DC 2000 Import Manager expands existing family of document management products - DC 2000, which provides document management for CD-based, standalone, network, client-server and Web environments.