DC Advanced Technical Features


DocCenter is written on an advanced artificial intelligent platform Visual Prolog.
Visual Prolog is a high-end artificial intelligent programming environment developed by Prolog Development Center, Copenhagen (http://www.pdc.dk). It is a battle proven application development tools which is widely used in a complex applications with artificial intelligent.

Visual Prolog is used in a critical applications which can't be implemented by traditional languages. Airport control systems, scheduling applications, logistics and maintenance, routing systems. Document Companion benefits from using advanced logical inference engine to solve document management tasks and puzzles.

Visual Prolog is the only application development tools which gives you application without 'GENERAL PROTECTION FAULTS' run-time errors.   Why?... 

  • There is no GOTO statement in language and program can't jump to nowhere.
  • There is no user access MEMORY ALLOCATION and therefore no dummy pointers with reference to nowhere.
  • Visual Prolog is a logical programming language and any function in Visual Prolog has only 2 exits: True or False. That is why debugging of a logical programs is very simple.
  • Visual Prolog has a high level of data abstraction. It operates with complex structures which are presented in a natural human forms.


  • One executable file application (2 MB).
  • Independent from 3-rd party support modules and Operating system support modules.
  • "Green-peace" style software.

One Executable File application (2 MB file)
  • Simple distribution, installation, bug fixing.
  • Minimal interference with Operating system and dependence on operating system bugs and collisions.
  • Minimal system resource usage. Visual Prolog applications uses own tools to draw controls on the screen.
Independent from 3-rd party support modules
  • No collisions or dependency on different version of the VBXXXXX.DLL and MFC4X.DLL
  • No dependency on system registry information.
  • Runs on WIn95/98/2000 and WinNT without additional requirements. Independent from OS version.
"Green-peace" style software
  • Doesn't change system resources (registry and Ini files)
  • Doesn't copy any DLL into system area
  • Doesn't change any system INI file
Computer: 486 PC
Memory: 16 MB RAM
Disk Space: Free 10 MB
Operating System: Windows 95,98,2000, Win NT 3.5x, WinNT 4.0
Networking Software: Any type of network
Other Software: ODBC 3.0 and 32-bit ODBC drivers are required