DC CD Index


This is CD-based version of the Document Companion, which includes database run-time engine and doesn't require any installation on the client PC. DC 2000 WorkFlow or Work group edition modules have facility to export data from the online systems into CD-based archives, which DC Index can run.


Application area

  • Self-running CD containers which includes document files, their descriptors and indexing software.
  • Must to have solution for tender applications and data distribution on CD.
  • Multi-volume CD archives with number of documents <30,000.
  • Read-only online indexing solution with unlimited number of users to access data.

General Features

  • "Green-peace software" - runs from CD without installation.
  • Built-in database engine.
  • Export document profile data into ASCII file.
  • Stores documents as an original files in file folders on a CD.
  • Imports document descriptors from ASCII, DBASE III file.
  • One button click to export documents from DC WorkFlow to DC Index - exports document files and their descriptors.
  • Import GUI layout from external file, from DBASE III file or from Document Companion.
  • Built-in screen designer for GUI interface.
  • Ability to use any third-party viewing application to view documents.

Technical Requirements

  • See DocCenter technical requirements.